Colour Atlas of Falcon Medicine Book


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This high quality picture atlas offers an elaborate overview of the most frequent diseases occurring in falcons. It enables veterinarians, falcon breeders and owners, as well as laboratory technicians, to utilize the knowledge of experimental scientists gained in decades of work with birds of prey.

The most important diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa are described in association with clinical symptoms as well as pathological and histological findings. A separate chapter deals with haematology and clinical chemistry of falcons. Reference laboratory values in this special field, established through years of practical experience in falcon medicine, are provided.

About 380 coloured images with elaborate picture legends illustrate not only the clinical signs, but also the diagnostic details. Contributions concerning the current vaccine scheme, the history of falconry in the Middle East and CITES requirements for protection of species round up the work.

ISBN: 9783899930078
Publisher: Schluetersche
Pub. Date: 7 June 2004
Writers: Renate Wernery, Ulrich Wernery, Jorg Kinne & Jaime Samour
Hardcover: 160 pages
Dimensions: 28.2 x 21.6 x 1.4 cm