Arcadia Pro Lighting Kit


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An Arcadia Pro UV Flood + Arcadia Parrot Pro Stand


A 24w compact lamp.

Provides all of the UVA and UVB that birds require to flourish in captivity.

The Parrot Pro will project usable UV over a wider area and further into a cage than any other bird lamp.


  • Electronically ballasted, this means that it is safe for bird's sensitive eyes.
  • Provides all of the UVB over a focusable area that birds need to produce and use vitamin D3.
  • Plug and Play - includes High Output Bird Lamp.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Waterproof.


  • Position your Parrot Pro or UV Flood over a bird cage or over a tortoise table
  • Includes clips to keep electric cables away from enclosures
  • Multiple adjustment points
  • Luminaire not included

Features and benefits

  • Specifically designed to be used with The Arcadia ParrotPro and UVFLOOD fitting.
  • Can be adjusted and positioned over the smallest to largest bird/Parrot cages and used as a very effective source of light with tortoise tables.
  • Matt black colour.
  • Specific horizontal bracket designed especially for use with our fitting.
  • Cable clips to keep the cables away from birds.